Are you ready to put your boulder skills to the test? Then join the Beest Series – Open Boulder Competitions for all levels. The Beest Series will be held throughout the year at one of our boulder gyms! [Dutch]

For who?

The Beest Series competitions are meant for everyone! So even if you have just started bouldering, you can participate in our competitions. The grades of the comp-style boulders ranges from 5A to 7C+, making it a challenge for both beginners and experienced boulderers to take on.


Participants do not need to sign up and can start at a time of their choice. Participation costs €15,- or €5,- for subscription holders.

More than just a competition

The Beest Series competitions are all about fun and good vibes. Expect a day filled with awesome comp-style boulders, challenge your friends, and get inspired by your fellow boulderers.

Throughout the day, you can enjoy good music and delicious food and drinks. After the competition and prize ceremony, everyone is welcome to join the afterparty, where our DJ will play great tunes late into the night!


16.09.23 - Beest Boulders Amsterdam

Comp 14:00 – 18:00 | Finals 19:00 – 21:00 | Prizes 21:30 – 22:00 | Afterparty 22:00

28.10.23 - Beest Boulders Antwerpen

Comp 14:00 – 18:00 | Prizes and raffle 18:30 | Halloween party 20:00 – Late

11.11.23 - Beest Boulders Den Haag HS

Timetable coming soon

09.12.23 - Het Lab Amsterdam

Timetable coming soon

20.01.24 - Beest Boulders Rotterdam

Timetable coming soon

24.02.24 - Beest Boulders Den Haag Centrum

Timetable coming soon



Upon arrival, as a participant, you will receive a scorecard from our staff. You will then have 4 hours to complete 15 comp style boulders. You have 5 attempts per boulder. Points can be earned for each flash attempt, zone, and top.

Afterwards, you will hand in the scorecard at the bar, and we will hold a prize raffle among all participants. At Beest Boulders Amsterdam & Den Haag Centrum, there will also be finals. The top 5 participants from the category (M/W) will compete against each other in a thrilling finale, followed by an awards ceremony.


The zone is a marked hold, usually located halfway through the boulder, where the participant can earn partial points. The zone is considered achieved when the participant can hold on – or climb past the zone hold. If you do not progress beyond the zone during your attempts, you will still earn a point for this accomplishment.


The top is the final hold and the endpoint of the boulder. The boulder is considered topped when both hands are stable on the designated finish hold for a few seconds without falling off. Once the participant tops a boulder, they receive 2 points: 1 point for the zone + 1 point for the top.


A flash is achieved when a boulder is topped on the first attempt. If the participant does not top the boulder on the first attempt, they cannot earn the maximum number of points for that boulder. For a flash, the participant receives the maximum number of points (3) for a flash: 1 point for the zone + 1 point for the top + 1 point for the flash.